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MWMS Student Laptop Agreement
Published by Pam Hayes on April 4, 2020

CCS Technology Acceptable Use Policy

MWMS Student Laptop AgreementLaptop with Books coming out

Beginning 2018-2019 Mac Williams Middle School will provide each student in with a Chromebook which will be carried from class to class, but not taken home.  The device will be used to enhance instruction and each student is responsible for following all guidelines set forth in the Cumberland County Schools Internet Use Agreement and G-Suite for Education Permission Form. Although this agreement authorizes the student’s use of the device for the year, the device is the property of the district and must be returned upon the district’s request or on the last day of the student’s attendance for the school year. In using the device, the student is subject to and must comply with all district policies, procedures, and regulations. A violation of any of these policies could result in loss of network privileges, loss of right to use the laptop, or appropriate discipline.



Students will be able to:

  • Implement creative uses of educational technology, promoting the development of self-directed and lifelong learners who are comfortable working in our rapidly-changing technological world.
  •  Participate in an innovative, collaborative learning environment
  • Respect the rights and privacy of others at school through appropriate use of the laptop.


Students may not:

  • Disrupt the education process of the classroom through non-educational use of the laptop.
  • Endanger the health or safety of themselves or others through the use of the laptop.
  • Engage in illegal or prohibited conduct of any kind through the use of the laptop.
  • Remove any identification stickers from the laptop.


Maintenance and Care of Laptop​:
● Students must keep the laptop in good and working condition.
● Use only a clean, soft cloth to clean the laptop. No cleansers of any type should be used.
● Insert and remove cords and cables carefully to prevent damage to cables and to laptop.
● Do not insert any objects, paper, or other materials on top of the keyboard and close the computer.
● Do not write or draw on the laptop or apply any stickers or labels that are NOT property of the district. ● Handle the laptop carefully and ensure others do the same.
● Do not leave the laptop in places of extreme temperature, humidity, or limited ventilation for an extended period of time.
● Secure the laptop when it is out of your sight. Put the laptop IN your locker not on top of the lockers or on the floor.
● Use a case with the laptop. Daily Use of the Laptop: Unless otherwise instructed, the laptop is intended for use at school every day. Students will get their laptops from their 6th period (Block4) at the start of the school day. Students are responsible for returning the laptop to the designated place at the end of the school day and to plug it in so that it may charge for the next school day.

Software:​ Only legally licensed software/applications, media, or other data is permitted on the laptop. Students will not download software/applications, media (including songs, photos, videos) without a district employee’s prior approval.

Students WILL NOT replace the provided operating system on the laptop with any custom software or applications.

Students WILL NOT remove or modify any district-installed software/applications.

Privacy: ​The laptops provided in this 1:1 program are district property; therefore, any district employee may examine the laptops and search their contents at any time for any reason. Neither students nor parents/guardians have any right to privacy of any data saved on the laptop or in any district network drives. The district administration may involve law enforcement if it is possible the laptop may have been used for an illegal purpose.

Additional Terms Damage or Loss of Laptop:​ Please report any damage or loss immediately to your 6th period (Block 4) teacher.

Hardware or other Functionality Problems: If a problem arises with your laptop, please report it to your 6th period (Block 4) teacher as soon as possible.

Internet Filter:​ The district utilizes an Internet content filter that is in compliance with the federally mandated Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). All laptops, regardless of physical location (in or out of school), will have all Internet activity protected and monitored by the district. If a website is blocked in school, then it will be blocked out of school.

Website and Social Media Guidelines:
​THINK before you act. Your virtual actions are real and permanent!
● Be aware of what you post online. Website and social media venues are very public. What you contribute leaves a digital footprint for all to see. Do not post anything you wouldn’t want friends, parents, teachers, future colleges, or employers to see.
● It is acceptable to disagree with other’s opinions; however, do it in a respectful way. Make sure that criticism is constructive and not hurtful. What is inappropriate in the classroom is inappropriate online. ● Be safe online. Never give out personal information, including, but not limited to, last names, phone numbers, addresses, exact birthdates, and pictures. Do not SHARE your password with anyone besides your teachers and parents.
● Linking to other websites to support your thoughts and ideas is recommended. However, be sure to read and review the entire website prior to linking to ensure that all information is appropriate for a school setting.
● Do your own work! Be aware that it is a violation of copyright law to copy and paste other’s thoughts. It is good practice to hyperlink to your sources.
● Be aware that pictures may also be protected under copyright laws. Verify that you have permission to use the image or that it is under Creative Commons attribution.
● How you represent yourself online is an extension of yourself. Do not misrepresent yourself by using someone else’s identity.
● Online work should be well written. Follow writing conventions including proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. If you edit someone else’s work, be sure it is in the spirit of improving the writing.
● If you run across inappropriate material that makes you feel uncomfortable or is not respectful, tell your teacher right away.