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Picture of Mustang horse with the words Mighty Mustangs on both sides of the horse. The background color is black. MWMS Staff 2016-2017
 Name  Title  E-mail Address
Adair-Davis, Marcia Admin. Asst./Discipline Clerk
Arnold, Catherine 8th Assistant Principal
Bazemore, Forrester School safety coordinator
Bell, William 6th teacher, Social Studies & Science
Bieniek, Melissa PE teacher
Bieniek, Mike PE teacher
Boarts, Deanna 7th teacher, Math
Bullard, Tammy 6th teacher, Math
Burkes, Charles 6th teacher, Social Studies
Cashwell, Tina 6th teacher, Social Studies
Cherry, Trena 7th teacher, Social Studies
Clark, Jennifer 7th teacher, Science
Cochran, James Exploring Agriculture teacher
Cole, James 7th Assistant Principal
Concepcion, Michelle Business teacher
Cottrell, Leland 7th teacher, Science
Couturier, Shari 6th teacher, ELA
Cowan, Jacqueline 6th Assistant Principal
Dent, Jonathan PE teacher
Dukes, Pamela Speech Teacher Assistant
Flowers, Justin 7th teacher, Social Studies
Freeman, Margaret 7th teacher, Math
Fuentes, Michelle 8th teacher, Science
Godwin, Lakesha EC teacher
Grant, Pamela 8th teacher, ELA
Gregory, Amy 7th teacher, Social Studies
Haire, James Chorus teacher
Haire, Linda Bookkeeper
Hairr, Mary Shannon Teacher Assistant
Hammond, Melinda 8th teacher, Social Studies
Harrell, Traci 6th teacher, Science
Harris, Tara EC teacher
Hayes, Pamela Medicine Clerk, Clerk
Helmey, Shannon 8th teacher, Social Studies
Herbin, Franceda Guidance counselor, 8th Grade
Herman, Debbie NC Data Manager
Holmes, Gina 8th teacher, Social Studies
Holt, Dewana 6th teacher, ELA
Holt, Shasta Registrar
Horne, Lathan Head custodian
Hutchinson, Amy Guidance Counselor, 6th grade
Irby, Shalisa SED teacher
Jackson, Kayla EC SLD teacher
Jackson, Lisa School Psychologist
Jenkins, Sierra EC Math Teacher
Keels, Maria Family Consumer Science teacher
Landayan, Aileen 8th teacher, Math
Langston, Mary 7th teacher, ELA
Lee, Kathy 8th teacher, Science
Lucas, Amy 8th teacher, ELA & Eng. I
Mabe, Ann 7th teacher, Science
MacNaught, Felicia Band director
Maguire, Donna Business teacher
McDavid, Bianca AIG Coordinator, 7th Pre-Algebra
Montague, Leigh Orchestra teacher
Montalvo, Vannesa ESL teacher
Moss, Mondae Business teacher
Nichols, Carla 6th teacher, ELA & Social Studies
Pearson, Tiffany 8th teacher, Science
Perez, Jorge Spanish teacher
Purcell, Monika Teacher Assistant
Ross, Jason Art teacher
Salazar, Jennifer ID Mild teacher
Sizemore, Beth Media Specialist, Web Manager, Journalism
Smith, Julie 6th teacher, Math & Social Studies
Smith, Melissa 6th teacher, ELA
Starling, Rebecca 7th teacher, ELA
Stevenson, Cynthia 8th teacher, ELA
Stuart, Kimble EC teacher
Surdakowski, Beth Art teacher
Stewart, Angela Indian Education Coordinator
Strickland, Carlene Social Worker
Terrell, Latisha 7th teacher, Math
Thomas, Anetrica Guidance Counselor, 7th Grade
Thomas, Charlotte EC Case Manager
Tinker, Ted Band Director
Vickers, William Colton 6th teacher, Science
Whisnant, Rhonda 8th teacher, Math
White, Era Receptionist
Williams, Celeste 6th teacher, Math
Williams, Debra ISS
Williams, Te’Mere PE teacher
Wood, Jeanine 7th teacher, ELA
Wooten, Pamela Media coordinator
Yardis, Todd Principal

Published by Beth Sizemore on July 18, 2017

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