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Home of the Mustangs

 Name Title E-mail Address
Adams, ArdryPrincipal[email protected]
Barlow, AllisonAdministrative Assistant[email protected]
Bazemore, ForresterSchool Safety Coordinator[email protected]
Bell, William6th Teacher, Social Studies & Science[email protected]
Bieniek, MelissaPE Teacher[email protected]
Bieniek, MikePE Teacher[email protected]
Bird, MartikaEC Teacher[email protected]
Boarts, DeannaEC Teacher[email protected]
Bullard, Tammy6th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Cashwell, Tina6th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Cherry, Trena7th Teacher, Social Studies[email protected]
Clark, Jennifer8th Teacher, Science[email protected]
Concepcion, MichelleBusiness Teacher[email protected]
Cottrell, Leland6th Teacher, Science & Social Studies[email protected]
Couturier, Shari6th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Dancy, Kamiya6th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Dent, JonathanPE Teacher[email protected]
Dincher, Gerald7th Teacher, Social Studies[email protected]
Dunlevy, Mary8th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Dunning, CarolMedia Coordinator[email protected]
Eason, ReginaTeacher, Hearing Impaired Itinerant[email protected]
Faircloth, Allyson8th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Faircloth, MatthewAIG Math[email protected]
Fallon-Hale, Maria7th Teacher, Science[email protected]
Fancher, KathyEC Teacher[email protected]
Freeman, Margaret7th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Fresquez, Jessica6th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Gardner, Britney8th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Glisson, AlexandriaEC Teacher[email protected]
Godwin, LakeshaEC Teacher[email protected]
Haire, JamesChorus Teacher[email protected]
Haire, LindaBookkeeper[email protected]
Hairr, Mary ShannonTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Hall, Brandy7th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Hardigree, Megan7th Teacher, Science[email protected]
Harmon, Tessie6th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Harrell, Traci6th Teacher, Science & Social Studies[email protected]
Harris, TaraEC Teacher[email protected]
Harris, TiffanyTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Hatem, MeganSocial Worker[email protected]
Helmey, JoshTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Helmey, Shannon8th Teacher, Social Studies[email protected]
Herbin, FrancedaSchool Counselor, 8th Grade[email protected]
Hershberger, Jennifer7th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Holmes, Gina8th Teacher, Social Studies[email protected]
Holt, ShastaNC Data Manager[email protected]
Hoponick, Cortney6th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Howle, TimothyEC Case Manager[email protected]
Horne, LathanHead Custodian[email protected]
Hutchinson, AmySchool Counselor, 6th grade[email protected]
Irby, ShalisaEC Teacher[email protected]
Jackson, LisaSchool Psychologist[email protected]
Jenkins, SierraEC Teacher[email protected]
Johnson, ShamekiaTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Keels, MariaFamily Consumer Science Teacher[email protected]
Lacy, Bri Myia7th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Landayan, Aileen8th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Le, Vicky8th Teacher, Science[email protected]
Lennon, Shilah8th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
MacNaught, FeliciaBand Director[email protected]
Maguire, DonnaBusiness Teacher[email protected]
Maher-Vickers, Jaclyn7th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Manire, Tracey8th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Mason, Ashlyn8th Teacher, Math[email protected]
McLamb, PaulaESL Teacher[email protected]
McPhail, JamesBand Director[email protected]
Melvin, SayontaEC Teacher[email protected]
Minus, KristoffAgriculture Teacher[email protected]
Moffett, MondaeBusiness Teacher[email protected]
Montague, LeighOrchestra Teacher[email protected]
Newman, Jacqueline6th Grade Assistant Principal[email protected]
Paz, Lynnel6th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Phipps, KaitlynRegistrar[email protected]
Pucell, MonikaTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Quinton, LisaTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Rogers, LibbyAIG Coordinator[email protected]
Ross, JasonArt Teacher[email protected]
Sales, Daisha8th Grade Assistant Principal[email protected]
Skarie, Steven7th Grade Assistant Principal/AD[email protected]
Smith, Julie6th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Smith, Melissa6th Teacher, Science & Social Studies[email protected]
Sovine, Kathy6th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Starling, Rebecca8th Teacher, ELA[email protected]
Stockert, AprilTeacher Assistant[email protected]
Stuart, KimbleEC Teacher[email protected]
Surdakowski, BethArt Teacher[email protected]
Terrell, LatishaTeacher, Math I[email protected]
Thomas, AnetricaSchool Counselor, 7th Grade[email protected]
Vickers, William7th Teacher, Math[email protected]
Vorreyer, EstelleMedia Coordinator[email protected]
Westmoreland, AngelaInstructional Coach[email protected]
White, EraReceptionist[email protected]
Williams, Celeste6th Teacher, Math[email protected]

Published by Pam Hayes on August 7, 2020