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MWMS New Student Registration 
Below is a list of documents you MUST provide to register at MWMS. Please have the registration paperwork filled out accurately and bring all the requested information with you in order to successfully complete the registration process.
Proof of Address – You must provide that you actually reside in our school district. No one is allowed to register without the appropriate documentation.

Acceptable proof is:
If BUYING your Home: We need all 3 documents
 Deed of Trust
 Current Monthly Utility Bill (Water, Gas, Electric)
 Proof that you have vacated your previous residence
If RENTING from a COMPANY: We need all 3 documents
 Rental Contract/Lease signed by the Agent, including telephone numbers and the Agent’s address
 Current monthly utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric)
 Proof that you have vacated your previous residence
If RENTING of LIVING with an INDIVIDUAL: We need all 5 documents
 A notarized statement with full name, address, phone number of that individual
 The lease or Deed of Trust of the individual you are renting from proving that they live in our district
 Current monthly utility bill (water, gas, electric)
 Must provide one of the following: Your house bill, pay stub or social security check with the address that you are residing
 Proof that you have vacated your previous residence
**No other form of documentation will be accepted**

Immunization Record – Students who enroll without proof of immunizations have 30 days to present such proof. If not, the student is dismissed from school per school board policy.

Most Recent Report Card – Students who have no documentation of previous schoolwork cannot complete the registration process. If you do not have such documentation, please contact your previous school and ask them to fax it to us at (910) 483-4831. Please be sure we know how to contact you so we can notify you when the fax has been received. We must have the report card so we can place your student(s) in the appropriate classes. Students who register during the school year must also have discipline records verified.

Current Custody – By Cumberland County School Board Policy, a student must reside with the custodial parent or court-appointed guardian to enroll in our system. If the parents are separated or divorced, we MUST have a copy of the custody agreement. Legal custody must be court-appointed and signed by a judge. Our school system does NOT recognize any form of Power of Attorney or notarized statements for guardianship purposes.

Student’s Social Security Card

Photo ID of Parent

Birth Certificate

Cumberland County Schools Calendars

Parent Volunteer

Summer Camps

Cyberbullying Information

Common Core Curriculum


Join our PTA facebook Page!

To join our PTA, please fill out the form and return with fee to the school office. MWMS PTA Reg Form

Please check here frequently for updates on fundraisers & events.

Our Executive PTA Board for 2019-2020 consists of the following:
President – Cindy Holloway
Vice President – Toni Brinker
Treasurer – Amanda Spell
Secretary – Jessica Keen
Membership/Parent Volunteers – Denise Doran

Anyone who would like to volunteer their precious time is welcome to join and support the PTA. Please fill out
the volunteer form available in the  front office.

There will be a charge of $25.00 for all returned checks made out to MWMS PTA.
We thank you in advance for your support!

MWMS Dress Code

Appropriate, clean, and neat school dress contributes to a positive school environment.
Students are directed to dress with respectful, good taste and in doing so, contribute to the
general pride in the school. This dress code applies to all students while on the MWMS
The following applies to all students and staff: DRESS APPROPRIATELY.
1. Nothing will be worn that will be offensive to any race or sex, or which
displays profanity in any form.
2. Items of a fad nature (grills etc… to be determined by the administration) are
prohibited on the school campus.
3. Shoes are to be worn at all times in the building and on the campus. Bedroom
slippers are not to be worn during school hours.
4. The body’s midsection/torso is to be fully clothed.
5. Trousers and pants are not to be sagging about the hip area.
6. Pants with holes above the knees will not be tolerated at school.
7. Overalls must be worn with the bibs properly fastened.
8. Curlers are not to be worn in school.
9. Shorts/skirts/dresses must pass the “fingertip test” and meet administrative
10. Spaghetti straps and tank tops are not allowed- If a sleeveless top is worn,
then straps must be at least 3-fingers wide.
11. Hats, caps, scarves, bandanas, handkerchiefs, or any type of head coverings
are not to be worn at school.
12. Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building, unless prescribed by a doctor.
These will be confiscated if worn.
13. I leggings are worn, a skirt or pair of shorts must be over them and still pass
the “fingertip test.”
14. Belts must be worn if the item of clothing (shorts, pants, skirt, or etc.) has belt
15. Coats must be placed in lockers upon arrival at school.
16. No temporary hair coloring is allowed.
17. Key holders and/or dog collars around the head or neck area are not allowed.
18. All PE shorts must pass the “fingertip test.”
19. Lounging pants/pajamas of any type are not allowed.
20. No chains attached to pants, no leather belts, bracelets, anklets, necklaces,
chokers adorned with metal spikes are allowed.

Student Accident Insurance

Lunch Information

Military Family

Media Center

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Published by Pam Hayes on August 4, 2019