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Department Information: Link to printable version:  Middle School Health and Physical Education

Middle School Health and Physical Education
Course Overview
Middle School students are introduced to the following physical education strands: mental and emotional health, personal and consumer health, interpersonal communication and relationships, nutrition and weight management, substance abuse prevention, movement forms, fitness and sports literacy, healthful lifestyles, personal fitness, appreciation for diversity and social personal responsibility. This course will enable students to gain knowledge and skills about age appropriate healthful living topics relevant to their lives.

Student Responsibilities
 Students should arrive to class on time and prepared for physical activity
 All materials that are non-essential in class, are to be left in the designated areas
 Appropriate fitness attire should be brought to school every day
 Students are expected to give their best effort in class and be open to new ideas, activities and games
 Participation in a safe and orderly manner is mandatory for the entire class period

 Do not bring valuables or electronics to class
 If you do bring valuables to class, a collection box will be provided
 Please note that school staff are not responsible for broken, lost or stolen property

 A doctor’s note is required for inability to participate for three or more days
 Students are required to dress out regardless of injury or illness
 Students are expected to participate to the best of their abilities at all times
 Students should adhere to school policy on days allotted to make up work

Alternative Assignments
 Alternative assignments are available for students who present with the following:
o Medical condition that prohibits physical activity
o Suspension
o In School Suspension
o Injury
o Excused absences
 The due date assigned for alternative assignments must adhere to school policy on time allotted to make up work
 Alternative assignments must be received on time, completed, and signed by a parent/guardian in order to receive credit
 Alternative assignments will be provided by the physical education teacher

Dress Code
Students must be in full compliance with the following to receive full credit.
 Must dress out every day in proper attire to include:
o Tops: T-shirts, sweatshirts
 Bottoms: shorts, sweatpants
 Shoes: athletic shoes (with socks)
 Some schools may require a uniform. If this is applicable to your school, a price list will be attached
 If sweats are worn, uniform must be worn underneath
 Shorts must be finger tip length
 Students should observe proper hygiene habits and remove physical education attire prior to leaving gym
Prohibited Attire:
 Pajama pants or tops
 Denim shorts
 Sleeveless shirts (tank tops, muscles shirts)
 Writing on the back of pants
 Leggings (must be accompanied by shorts)
 Pants / shorts resting below the waist
 Modified clothing to include shirts with ripped/torn/cut sleeves
When Are Parents Notified?
 1st offense: Student warning
 2nd offense: Teacher/student conference
 3rd offense: Contact parent/ possible disciplinary action by the physical education department
 4th offense: Referral to administrator/ parental contact

Disciplinary Actions
 Student discipline will be handled according to Cumberland County Schools Student Code of Conduct
Grading Policy for Health and Physical Education
Grading components for participation:
 30%
o Warm ups
o Written tests
o Fitness testing
o Daily activities
Grading components for dressing out:
 20%
o All students must adhere to physical education dress code daily to receive full credit
Health grading components may consist of the following:
 50%
o Daily assignments
o Journals
o Quizzes
o Tests
o Projects
o Participation
o Notebooks

Parent Responsibilities
 Provide written documentation for student absences
 Ensure that student has proper attire/materials for class
How can I monitor my child’s grades?
 Physical Educators will update grades weekly and parents may visit PowerSchool every Wednesday for weekly updates.

Please Return to Physical Education Teacher
Student Signature: Date:
Parent/Guardian Signature: Date:
Daytime Phone: Evening Phone:

Purpose: The purpose of Healthful Living Education is to provide appropriate instruction for the acquisition of behaviors, which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This can be achieved through a program that reflects the needs of all students, including those with disabilities, throughout his/her school experience.The Healthful Living Education program, when appropriately reinforced in a comprehensive scope and sequence manner, can be expected to provide the following benefits for all students:lowering of the risk-taking behaviors that contribute to disease, injury and death; enhanced academic performance; desirable social behaviors and increased levels of self-image; establishment of the positive behaviors that promote higher levels of healthy living; higher morale and productivity and less absenteeism by students; development of appropriate levels of personal fitness and an understanding of the importance of physical activity for maintaining a viable and productive life; fewer instances of students dropping out of school due to health-related behaviors (e.g., pregnancy, alcohol and drug use or being dismissed from school due to violence or tobacco-related suspension); more students acknowledging the value of abstinence from sexual intercourse until marriage; lower health care expenses; increased awareness and respect for cultural diversity through integration in both health and physical activities; healthier, more active workforce citizens, better equipped to handle personal and social environmental, safety, and medical care decisions; and appropriate skill development and behaviors for competence in at least three lifetime activities.

Published by Beth Sizemore on November 20, 2017
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